Simon Kotowicz
Freelance Adobe Premiere Editor

Adobe Premiere used with a microsoft mouse I've been using Adobe Premiere as a freelance editor since 1997 and I'm pleased to see it has finally been recognised as a professional editing tool, more notably by the BBC.

Premiere comes bundled as a complete suite of creative tools known as Adobe Creative Cloud. With it comes Photoshop Extended, After Effects, Illustrator, Encore and every other Adobe product thrown in for good measure.

I have used Premiere alongside After Effects for a very long time, enabling me to edit title sequences, break bumpers, direct-to-DVD films, films for companies' web sites and a whole lot more. It works a lot like Final Cut Pro, there is some compatibility with Lightworks and Avid and, contrary to the Avid rumour-mongers, it's robust enough for long-form. The longest programme I edited on it was a 90 minute DVD with zero problems.

If you're looking for a very experienced Adobe Premiere editor then look no further. I'm also an After Effects designer and can work some real magic using Photoshop.